There’s a couple new pillows up in the CamillaDesigns Etsy Store!

I love this feminine fabric – with some of my favorite colors, turquoise and pink.  I made a little ruffled pillow with it, and I almost hope no one buys it so it can continue to pretty up the chair beside my bed.

The ruffle on this little pillow was repurposed from an IKEA pillowcase (that I have never used).  We actually purchased the duvet cover/pillowcase set in order to cover up our ugly futon.  The futon looks great now!  I’ll have to post pictures of it sometime.  I love the graphical, Asian-inspired print.

This pillow features an awesome Waverly home decor fabric that normally retails for about $40/yard, but I was able to find at a deep discount.  I’m hoarding my little stash of this fabric like it’s made of gold.

I’m working on some NOOK covers that I’ll have up soon.  I made one for my new Barnes and Noble Nook E-book reader, and I LOVE it.  Unfortunately, when I made the prototype, I didn’t do any measuring, so now I have to figure out all the measurements again.

Ta-Taa, lovely people!


The power combo of turquoise and red/orange is irresistible to me.  I love having those little pops of color everywhere to liven up a dark or plain room.  Chris and I are on a bit of a budget, and after moving to California a few months ago, we spent quite a bit of money buying furniture and other necessities for our little apartment.  So we didn’t have much extra to spend on art.

So here’s an easy and super cheap way to bring some art and color to your house.  Basically, we had a cheap plastic picture frame from Walmart that was too ugly to do anything with, and we spray-painted it with a glossy coat of Krylon “Blue Ocean Breeze” Indoor-Outdoor spray paint.  Then we printed off a FREE illustration from Feed Your Soul – The Free Art Project (which we discovered via HowAboutOrange) on a regular letter size sheet of paper, stuck it in the frame, and voila!

We had been needing something for Chris’ side of the bed so it didn’t seem so boring, and this simple little project hit the spot.

There’s a new spraypainting tutorial at Design*Sponge if you’d like to give it a try.

I started a new blog in order to have a place to show the world the things that inspire me – beautiful pictures, home decor, crafting and sewing, art and design, as well as cooking and other fun things.

I just opened a new Etsy shop for some of my pillows, so go ahead and take a look at the CamillaDesigns Etsy Shop!

Here’s a sneak peek:

Stay tuned for more goodies!